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23rd Anniversary

We make water do what you want

Treatment Value

Why use WOODSOL’s water treatment for your raw water supply, boilers and cooling tower?
Because we can cut your water, fuel and overall inventory costs!

  • Superior quality of raw materials makes up the products that are reasonably priced
  • On-site training of testing procedures¬†
  • Total Water Management services covering raw water, boiler water, cooling water and waste water
  • Regular servicing and reporting of water conditions upon use of treatment products

Boiler Water Treatment

  • WOODSOL’s signature boiler water treatment (WES 9) is an organic blend of oxygen scavengers
  • Green technology that is user friendly and environmentally safe
  • Total Dissolved Solids does not significantly increase compared to other inorganic treatment methods
  • Blow downs are considerably reduced due to low increase in TDS
  • Excellent in removal of Silica, a problem faced by many customers
  • Only two chemicals are used, resulting in lower inventory costs
  • Prevents new hard scales from forming.

Cooling Tower Treatment

  • A thorough water sample analysis will be done prior treatment to determine suitable products based on the water condition
  • Total Bacteria Count (T.B.C.) will be done once a month to ascertain the effectiveness of the chemicals to control bacteria growth.
  • Legionella pneumophila testing can be performed on water sample
  • A clean tower maintained devoid of scales and organic fouling