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Cooling Tower Treatment

WOODSOL’s treatment chemicals are used to control corrosion, scaling and microbial fouling in cooling towers, cooling water circuits and chillers. It is useful in controlling slime-forming bacteria, sulphate-reducing bacteria and algae in re-circulating cooling systems and process water.

WOODSOL proffers you a comprehensive range of cooling water treatment chemicals effectively preventing:

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Bacteria growth that can lead to air borne diseases (i.e. Legionnaires)
  • Algae, slime and fungus growth that can lead to clogging and reduction in flow which in turn reduces the heat exchanging efficiency of the plant.

WOODSOL is able to offer various programs for open circuit recirculation cooling systems and Molybdenum and Nitrite programs for closed circuits. Apart from that, we are also able to perform a corrosion rate study on the water source of the cooling tower.

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