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23rd Anniversary

We make water do what you want

Additional Services

Chemical And Acid Cleaning For Boilers

WOODSOL has been in acid cleaning of scaled boilers for more 20 years. We have dealt with various scaled-up fire tube and water tube boilers over these years. WOODSOL has experienced personnel trained by our German counterparts to perform this delicate cleaning operation. We currently hold the record for the number of boilers cleaned to date in the Palm Oil Mills, Refineries and other industries, using various types of proprietary chemicals to remove stubborn scales left in the boiler.

Air Pollution Control System

WOODSOL and its partner in technology, Maruntech Engineering, provide air pollution control system using processes such as:

  • Fume extraction and scrubbing : Various types of scrubber systems such as wet scrubbing, duct system
  • Particulate control
  • Heat recovery
  • VOC control

Reverse Osmosis Plants/Demineralization Plant & Other Equipment  Fabrication

WOODSOL can perform a pilot plant study and supply Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants to purify water with high Total Dissolved Solids (i.e. sea water, brackish water and water with high salinity). RO plants are also supplied for recycling waste water and effluent water. The systems are designed for longer life, reliability and faithful performance that provides for a reduced down time and lower operating cost.

We also design and fabrication of various equipments such as softener tanks, pipeline works and heat exchangers

Raw Water Treatment

Complete treatment of raw water and set up of water treatment systems comprising of clarification, filtration, water softener and de-aeration systems.

  • Alum, Soda Ash, Caustic Soda
  • Polymers : Cationic or Anionic
  • Resins for Softener and Demineralization Plant